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Jackson 01/08/05

Crime Stoppers - Unsolved Murders

By David Kenney

Whenever a murder is committed, it causes terrible grief and sadness for those left behind. The burden is even greater for those crimes that are left unsolved. Tonight Jackson Police and Crime Stoppers need your help in finding clues to murderers in five cases that have affected many lives. You could be rewarded for your information. This week Crime Stoppers is revisiting five unsolved murders over the last two years, in hopes of catching killers who are still on the streets.

The first occurred April 24th at 4618 Nisqually Drive. Forty-five-year-old Bennie Mae Smiley was found lying at her front door. A coroners report indicated she died from a blow to her head from a blunt object.

On June 3rd of this year, 32-year-old Brian Hughes was found shot multiple times at his Lakeover home on Fairwood Drive . Police say they found no sign of forced entry at the home.

On June 30th, Michael Washington was found shot in the back in front of his home at 1238 Kennington Avenue. Witnesses say they saw him arguing with a man earlier that day, but his killer was never caught.

On August 19th, 93 -year-old Melcenia Bell was stabbed over seventy times inside her home at 827 Dreyfus Street . She died from those injuries December 12th. A Mary Ann Dixon was arrested in connection with bells death, but police need more evidence to link her to the crime.

On June 4 th , Demarous Jones was found lying outside his Forest Ridge apartment off Beasley Road. Investigators say he was shot in the back.

If you have any information on any of these murders, call Crime Stoppers at 355-TIPS. That’s 355-8847. You could receive up to a thousand dollars for any information that leads to an arrest in these crimes. And remember, at Crime Stoppers we only need your information, not your name.

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