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Extreme couponing class helps shoppers save big bucks

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Extreme couponing comes to Jackson with a class designed to save money on products that you use daily.

For a $20.00 class, bargain shoppers are taught how to save hundreds and in some cases even leave the store with cash back.

"80% is what I'm saving now," said Selika Corley.

In the last three months the Jackson resident said she has saved at least $400.00 to $600.00 by using coupons. She is one of more than 300 people who attended a Couponing Party at the JSU e-Center Sunday to learn more about turning clipping into cash.

"Couponing began for me after a brief period of unemployment, just had to find a way to maneuver the income that I already had and also I like to give a lot of it away to charities," added Corley.

Now Hinds County Sheriff's Department Victims Assistance Coordinator has a stockpile, more than two closets of products all purchased at a major discount.

"My stockpile is the majority shampoos, essential items, hygiene items, things that people can use," said Corley.

"I'm teaching everyone here how to save money and make their money last," said couponing class instructor Troylynn Harvey.

She traveled from Gautier to teach her second class couponing class in Jackson.

The clipping expert said a little time and effort clipping coupons has saved her family thousands of dollars.

"I've been couponing for a little bit over two years and I save my husband some money, because I don't want to work outside the home," said Harvey.

Each participant got a starter kit filled with ways to make saving money easier for beginners.

"I gave each person a coupon pamphlet which gives each store in this area, the Jackson area, their store policies," added Harvey.

It's opened up a whole new world for beginner Courtnie Thomas.

"Today I learned about different web sites you can go on to and plan your trip that's the most important of all that I learned, plan your trip," said Thomas.

Shoppers learned hints like Fred's doubling coupons on Saturdays and Walmart often giving cash back when coupons exceed the price of the item.

Some coupon users said they have saved more than $400.00 in the last three months.

Harvey plans another couponing class in the next month. To find out the time and location you may email Troylynn Harvey at Troylynndd@icloud.com.

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