Making a Difference: Saint's wide receiver visits MS school - - Jackson, MS

Making a Difference: Saint's wide receiver visits MS school

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BROOKHAVEN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Everybody was excited Tuesday morning because this was the day! 

The long awaited day when Robert Meachem, New Orleans Saint's wide receiver, was going to drop by and meet the kids at Mamie Martin School in Brookhaven. 

First grade teacher Judy Bogan was the one who managed to get the visit arranged. Being a Saints season ticket holder allows you to get your tweets answered now and then.

"He volunteered," says Bogan. "We were talking on Twitter and he was talking about literacy and I told him that I really appreciate that as a teacher and he said, where do you teach? I want to come. And I was like, well it's all the way in Mississippi. And he's like, I wanna come, I wanna come. And so he just insisted."

Meachem was interested in Judy's school because he has a foundation that is very interested in teaching, literacy and obesity. He wants youngsters know early on that what you want in life doesn't come automatically, but not to let anyone tell you that you can't achieve it if want it bad enough. 

Get a dream early. And follow your dreams. 

Matter of fact, that's the name of his foundation, Follow Your Dreams. He got the idea for his foundation way back when he was in junior high school.

"Started it probably when I was in 7th grade," Meacham says. "One of my football coaches said that, you make it, think about a foundation to give back. And I laughed, a young kid, not really knowing pretty much what he was talking about. But as I got older and I finally made it, I said what other way better than give back. So what would we call it? And I thought of it, Follow Your Dreams."

Meachem's foundation is making a contribution to the school's library, and there is a real emphasis on reading as a part of his foundation's work. 

And Mamie Martin Principal, Rob McCreary says that is a great thing to emphasize for this age group - especially in Mississippi.

McCreary says, "You have to pass the benchmark in order to pass 3rd grade. So we have to get our kids reading early and get them going. And get them not only reading but have them interested in reading where it's just a natural habit for them."

And hopefully Robert Meachem's visit will not only entice these students to read more, but to dream a dream for themselves. Both of those in greater measure will make a big difference in their lives. ?

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