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Heroic AMR team talks about intense rescue

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
A dramatic rescue on the side of I-20 saved the lives of three people, just seconds before the truck they were sitting in became engulfed in flames. 

Thousands of people have seen Saturday's dramatic rescue unfold after WLBT cameras captured the intense moments.
Many of those people are calling EMT Derek Poole and Paramedic Ryan Wilson heroes.

"You didn't really have time to think," said Poole. "It's just at that point instincts kick in."

"He yelled to me that the car was on fire. So, pretty much just instinctively knew we need to get them out," added Wilson.

Poole and Wilson pulled three people out of this wrecked pickup truck to safety just seconds before the truck engulfed in flames.

"With his assistance, I had to cut the seatbelt and he was kind of pinned in, but we were able to kind of turn him enough where I could get him out," said Poole.

The AMR team was responding to another call in Clinton when they drove up seeing the sequence of events unfolding.

"And all of a sudden we hear tires squealing and I look up and there's this big white truck sideways in front of me," said Poole. Thank God the breaks worked because we would have hit them. But, just roll over just right in front of us."

Poole says within seconds they jumped out of the car rushing to the victims in the median on I-20.

"Usually protocol is keep them still until you can get additional resources, but at that point you had to get them out," added Poole.

Soon after, Jackson Firefighters arrived on scene. As paramedics and EMT's worked to keep the victims calm, firefighters put out the flames, leaving behind nothing but charred remains.

"We're going to be put in dangerous situations, that's a given," said Poole. "But, why we do it is to help people."

"I think we were at the right place at the right time and were able to help," said Wilson. "But, if it would have been anybody else we work with or firefighter or police officer, they would have done the exact same thing."

AMR is not able to release the condition of the victims. There was a second car involved in the wreck. That driver was not transported.

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