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Consider This: Malcolm Butler

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If you want a great example of perseverance, look no further than the Super Bowl.

Consider This:

It wasn't an easy road and there were bumps along the way, but Sunday night Vicksburg's own Malcolm Butler made a name for himself by ending Seattle's late game surge with a crucial interception.

Butler is an inspiration to the many young people who may not be the biggest, fastest, strongest or most talented, in sports or other areas of life. He didn't play in the college big leagues, didn't have a charmed life and didn't even get drafted. Yet, his hard work and dedication has landed him in the national spotlight.

It's nice to see when good things happen to someone who has struggled but never quit and kept getting back up. Let's hope Malcolm Butler continues to serve as an inspiration going forward, because today he is a great example of the importance of perseverance.

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