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Consider This: Downtown Jackson streets

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If you haven't driven in downtown Jackson lately you're saving yourself some money that you would have to use for front end alignment or repairing a flat tire.

Consider This:

If Jackson wants to be viable contender for economic downtown redevelopment, it has to fix its roads. The city is heading in the right direction with the Capitol Street improvements, but one upgrade isn't enough and unfortunately that design has issues and funding shortfalls.

Other streets in downtown are in such bad shape that it looks like something you might see in a war zone. Unfortunately, the state legislature isn't champing at the bit to provide funding to help. Although it should. Whether they like it or not, Jackson is the capital city for Mississippi and should be a showplace for the state instead of an embarrassment.

State leaders need to work with city leaders to come up with a plan to repair the downtown roads. Since the state takes up so much of the property downtown, the funding mechanism to fix the problem should be shared. It won't be an inexpensive fix, but it needs to happen. Delaying it will only lead to higher costs in the future.

Tweaking a line from Field of Dreams, "If you fix it, they will come."

Better roads would lead to more economic development, which leads to more business, which leads to more taxes, which leads to more jobs. And that would be good for Jackson and the entire state of Mississippi.

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