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Consider This: Brian Williams

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Controversy is swirling over the recent admission by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian William that a story he told is false. Many of you have shared your disappointment with me and I am also troubled by the situation.

He has claimed for years that he was onboard a helicopter that was hit by RPG fire in Iraq in 2003. He told the story during several interviews throughout the years, even though we now know he arrived at the scene in a separate helicopter after the attack was over. The truth came out after crew members on the helicopter that was hit told Stars and Stripes that the NBC Anchor was not with them.

Brian Williams has apologized and says he has no idea how he could confuse the story. He has pulled himself off the nightly newscast as NBC conducts an investigation to gather more information.

In today's social media world many people rush to judge before all of the information is uncovered and it is understandable that people are upset. However, I will wait to see what the investigation reveals. If NBC does uncover an unacceptable pattern of behavior then Brian Williams should be let go.

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