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CONSIDER THIS: Your feedback

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I appreciate when you share your feedback on Consider This commentaries and wanted to share a few of your opinions today.

Regarding the condition of the streets in downtown Jackson and the state partnering with the city to fix these roads, James Baker shares this feedback: 

“I have stated many times that Jackson is the most populated city in the state, the governmental center of the state, the medical center of the state, the educational center of the state and many more features that I could name. It appears there are many non-Jacksonians using the streets and other infrastructure in Jackson.”

The inspection sticker debate is a hot topic right now. My suggestion that the inspection sticker should be eliminated sparked this feedback from Larry Holmes:

“Amen! A change to the law that is long overdue. At $5.00, the so-called "inspection stations" cannot afford more than a cursory inspection at best. Most "pass" if you can turn your lights on and blow your horn. A legitimate "safety inspection" would necessarily be cost prohibitive for many, so the "$5 Inspection" is nothing more than a useless tax.”

And finally, Mike Flood shares this opinion regarding my Brian Williams commentary: 

“Ted Fortenberry "unacceptable pattern".., for someone who was trusted to deliver the lie is enough. Looking for a pattern is something you do when you are out fishing.”

As always, thanks for taking the time to share your comments. If you'd like to join the conversation, go to the Consider This section of

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