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Consider This: Construction on I-55 S

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Construction has come to a halt on I-55 South between 1-20 and Byram and all of you who travel that stretch of highway will have to live with this mess for quite a while. It also means many businesses will be negatively affected for a longer period of time and could ultimately mean those businesses don't survive.

MDOT says Yazoo Clay was left in the shoulder area of the interstate when work was done in the past. 

Rather than hauling the Yazoo Clay away, the former contractor used the bad soil to build up the slope. And since that area was man-made, they didn't test it assuming the soil was okay. It wasn't.

Consider This:

I'm not an engineer, but it only takes one drive on I-55 South and you quickly realize there is a lot of Yazoo Clay along that stretch of highway. How that could be a surprise… is a surprise.

MDOT says the project is now delayed at least a year and should be finished in late 2016, which probably means 2017. But there is something good coming from this mistake; MDOT says it will change the way it handles future projects taking more than twice as many soil samples on any lane-widening project going forward. 

Unfortunately for all of you who live, work and travel in southern Hinds County, this learning experience comes as a great inconvenience for you and a significant cost to the taxpayers of Mississippi.

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