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CONSIDER THIS: Post-season play

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Callaway High School leaders made the right decision this week to decline the invitation to New York to play in a national basketball tournament. Not that the boys didn't earn the right to go; they certainly did. But by declining the invite it actually magnifies the antiquated rule and will hopefully bring about change.

Consider This:

Some people would argue that the kids are out of school too much as part of sports and missing more classes for post-season play would negatively affect the education process. That may have been the case when the rule was put in place more than 70 years ago, but times have changed. There are many ways that student athletes can keep up with the academic responsibilities while participating in another event.

And speaking of education, imagine what the boys could have learned by experiencing all the history associated with New York. It quite possibly could have been a once in a lifetime of opportunity.

So as sad as it is that the trip won't happen, hopefully this will open the eyes and minds of the Mississippi High School Activities Association. With the proper policies in place to ensure academics aren't neglected, this rule should be brought into the 21st Century so a repeat of this situation never happens again.

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