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Consider This: Senseless deaths

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The discovery of an African American man allegedly hanged to death is shocking. Whether it was suicide or murder, it is an unsettling reminder of Mississippi's tragic past. This incident has sparked a tremendous amount of attention. And it should. Hopefully there will be more answers soon. If this was a murder then law enforcement needs to make sure whoever is responsible is captured quickly and punished appropriately. This tragedy is also an opportunity to challenge ourselves to rethink how we respond to other senseless deaths.

Consider This:

Every month there are tragic deaths across the state, especially in the metro area. The murders might not grab the attention of a hanging, but someone still lost a son or daughter, brother or sister, a mom or a dad. Unfortunately, we've become numb to those stories. In fact, some people justify that some of the murders are due to bad decisions like gangs and drugs and that they deserve their fate because of those bad choices. Well if that's your attitude, be prepared for the consequences. Ignoring this situation means we are all more likely to become victims.

Instead let's work together to try to end all murders. To bring the same level of attention that we are seeing with the Port Gibson tragedy to fix the issues that lead to a young man being gunned down on the street corner. Let's become a role model for positive change.

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