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Consider This: Viewer Feedback

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Today we'll share your comments on recent topics. So consider this your Consider This.

James Baker appreciated the work zone safety commentary and added this perspective:

“It is imperative for citizens to understand the danger and risk of highway workers. However, there is another group at risk every day, the garbage collectors.” 

Baker goes on to say that this profession has one of the highest fatality rates. 

You're right Mr. Baker, thanks for pointing out that these men and women are in dangerous situations just like highway construction workers.

On education funding, Bill Crowder has this feedback: 

“I am very tired of hearing about the inadequate funding of education in this state. The legislature does not fund several areas of government/education adequately, but they still have to function properly. In my opinion, the fix for the problem starts with the desire of the student. This desire then should be nurtured by family and directed by teachers. All the money in the State's budget will not make any difference is the student doesn't care.”

Your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks to all of you for passing along your perspective.

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