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Consider This: Reservoir User Fees

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Boaters who use the Ross Barnett Reservoir will now have to pay a user fee after the plan was approved by the Pear River Valley Water Supply District Board of Directors. The fees could add up to a lot of money with estimates of $300,000 annually.

Consider This:

Most of us probably do not enjoy paying more in taxes or service fees. However, most of us also understand that we have to pay some taxes to keep our roads paved, provide police and fire protection and fund other vital public services. However, a use tax is probably the fairest tax there is. If you use it, you pay for it.

In the case of the boater use fee, the funds will go toward ramp improvements, navigation aid improvements, shore maintenance and similar projects. When possible, the local funds will be used to help receive matching federal funds.

This user fee is a wise decision. If successful, hopefully it will lead to more organizations considering user fees rather than seeking funding from income taxes and sales taxes. User fees; now that's a fair tax.

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