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CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Streets

You don't have to drive very far in Jackson before you realize the city has some serious issues with its streets. We've focused on the ten worst streets in Jackson in our special report and asked you to help rank that list. 

We quickly realized that limiting the number to only ten, sadly, does not come close to representing the true scope of the road infrastructure issues in Jackson.

Consider This:

It's all about money and unfortunately the city does not have the funds, or the funds are not directed, to fix its crumbling infrastructure. Even if the funding was available, it would still take years to upgrade all of the problem areas.

But it's not all negative, the city is trying to fix some issues. Look no further than two projects that were recently completed – Fortification Street and Capitol Street. 

Many people complained about the Capitol Street design, but it actually turned out very nice. I encourage you to make a trip downtown and I believe you'll agree. 

These are perfect examples of what can happen when a neglected area is freshened up. Hopefully our report brings to light the worst roads and city leaders will respond. 

To make sure that happens you should hold your city leaders accountable and make sure they follow through. If you're paying taxes in Jackson, you deserve nothing less.

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