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CONSIDER THIS: First Alert Weather

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This time of year it's pretty common for severe weather to roll through Mississippi. If the weather becomes dangerous we will notify you with on-air warnings, mobile alerts and if necessary, wall-to-wall coverage.

Consider This:

Our brand and promise is First Alert Weather. We take that very seriously and want to provide all of you with your first warning so you can protect yourself and your family when severe weather is threatening. 

Keep in mind that WLBT covers 24 counties in central Mississippi. That means some of you might have beautiful, sunny skies and others might be experiencing a tornado warning. 

Unfortunately, we will sometimes get complaints from people in the sunny area for interrupting our programming. I'm sorry to all of you who are not affected by the bad weather and have to miss your favorite shows, but providing life-saving information is our top priority. 

Regardless of the number of people affected, it is our obligation and commitment. And remember, at some point it might be you and your family in the path of danger.

We're First Alert Weather, and we'll honor that promise to all of you.

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