Making A Difference: Susanna Stitchers - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: Susanna Stitchers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They meet every Monday and also every other Thursday in the fellowship hall at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson. And they do what they love to do. They sew. And what they sew they give away to places like Stewpot and UMMC and Hope House and a bunch of other places and ministries. Why do they do this?

“Because we love to do it," said Roanoke McDonald with the Susanna Stitchers. "And we feel like we are serving a need.”

It was a particular need that started all of this. UMMC needed appropriate clothing for preemie babies who didn't make it. A family already devastated over the loss at least has one of the details taken care of for them because of the Stitchers.

“It's extremely hard to go out and find a little gown that's not any bigger than a tiny doll dress,” added Roanoke.

From there the ideas flooded in. Blankets and mittens for homeless people distributed through Jackson Stewpot, aprons with pockets for all sorts of uses, colorful pillowcases that go to Blair Batson Children's Hospital that become a reward for a patient reaching a milestone on the road to recovery, or goes to someone who just needs something a little special that day.

Meeting and sewing with the Susanna Stitchers group also does something for its members, too. Roanoke says it's just what many of them need right now in their lives.

“And truth of the matter is when you get retirement age, you only want to watch so many soap operas," said Roanoke. "And this is a way of keeping our minds busy and our hands busy. And the fellowship, oh my goodness! This is a lot cheaper than nerve pills as my mother-in-law used to call them. And our husbands needs us to go somewhere. I just can't imagine just sitting around with a talent and just letting it go to waste.”

So as the Susanna Stitchers keep themselves active. They are creating a myriad of things that are Making A Difference for so many other people in the process.

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