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CONSIDER THIS: Hurricane Season

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Although it doesn't officially begin until next Monday, June 1st, the rising temperatures remind us that hurricane season is approaching.

Consider This:

In August we will recognize the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Mississippi Coast took the brunt of the destruction from the devastating storm, but the disastrous impact spread across the state. 

And although our area isn't as impacted by the storms as the coastal region, many of us have friends and family who live there and experienced the worst. Hopefully neither Mississippi nor any other state is hit with a storm as severe as Katrina.

So as we begin another season, follow the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.

And even though we usually have some notice before a storm hits, we shouldn't wait until the warnings are issued to begin that preparation process. I encourage you to review the information at to help you prepare for a hurricane and many other natural disasters. We'll include a link to that site on our website at

Three things to remember: be safe, be smart and be prepared. And hope and pray that we're blessed with another calm season.

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