South Jackson residents upset over flooding problems - - Jackson, MS

South Jackson residents upset over flooding problems

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Flooding concerns abound for several who live in south Jackson, and many say there's nothing being done about addressing the drainage issues that only compound the problem.

"Our yard was flooded. It was inches away from being at the door," said Angel West, who lives at the corner of Autumn Street and Suncrest Drive.When she first saw the images of Saturday's flooding, it shocked her.

"I'm frightened. I'm scared. It makes me want to move," West said. "There was not that much rain to flood, but something happened with the drain pipes, and the water just came rushing and flooded everything."

The rising water sat against her garage, but the door kept most of it out.

Her neighbor Mary Thompson wasn't so lucky.

"It's really a lot of water in this house, a lot of damage, and it's gonna take a lot to fix it again," Thompson said.

On Sunday, volunteers continued moving her furniture out of her waterlogged home.

Thompson said the cleanup process will be even more lengthy because the water that flooded her house was full of bacteria.

"This is the sewage backup problem. When I looked at the water coming yesterday, the sewage in the middle of the street was just running, running, running, and with my house setting low, I was the only place where it could go," Thompson said.

West said Jackson Public Works knows about the problem.

"A city truck came through, and from there, the water started draining. I don't know what it was that they did," West said.

She said she even has a work order for public works to fix the issue, but so far, that hasn't happened.

"I love the city of Jackson, but they need to put in a little bit more work," West said.

Thompson said she plans on calling Monday to see what can be done.

"I'm gonna go from there, see what happens," Thompson said. "Right now, I am homeless, and I need to find somewhere to live."

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