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Update: City of Jackson continues to address flooded areas

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A weekend of flash flooding has left a mess for city workers to deal with.

On Monday, they continued addressing problems caused by flooding, downed trees, and power lines.

They released a statement detailing what they're doing: 

"The Department of Public Works' drainage maintenance crews are responding to multiple locations across the City.. making an assessment to determine if the standing water is a result of [storm drains] blockages to clear the debris.

In some cases we have found storm drains have collapsed, which requires more extensive repair and in other cases we are finding that the heavy rains and flash flooding hydraulically exceeds the design of the drainage system, or in other words, the pipes/drainage channels are undersized.

[W]e need the community's help to make sure that adjacent drainage ways are clear of leaves, trash and other debris that will impede the flow of storm water in addition to making sure that drive way culverts are functioning. In the short term, our maintenance crews will continue to proactively address drainage ways and respond to surface flooding."

The worst damage was a downed tree blocking Linden Place, that left residents trapped without power.

"It was a loud boom and I heard a big crash. I'm guessing that was the power lines, and then we came outside and the neighbors came outside, and they noticed their truck was crashed by the tree and power has been out since about 2:00 p.m.," said Reagan Sawyer, a resident who lives on Linden Place.

"Unfortunately we're moving out of our house right now, so it kind of stinks not being able to move or not bring able to see in the house," said Newman Kazery, who lives on Linden Place.

"I tried to pull on the street and the police officer yelled at me. So I wasn't allowed to park on the street, so I park around the corner and had to walk through my neighbors yard," Daniel House explained.

Across town, there was flooding on Foxhall Road in Flowood and on Flowood Drive, which caused some concerns to drivers. 

Crews also worked to clean up downed trees on South Drive and West Haven Blvd.

Residents of  Bellhaven neighborhood were told their power will not likely be restored until Monday.

"We are staying with a friend tonight, just kind of waiting until dark to make sure it doesn't come back on," Sawyer explained.

The city says they are working on long-term solutions for some of the city's drainage problems.

They will be implementing a comprehensive drainage study to determine infrastructure improvement projects that will address undersized pipes and drainage culverts as well as improve neighborhood drainage systems.  

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