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Miss. ranks last among safe states to live, others disagree

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A recent study released by personal finance website Wallethub ranks Mississippi last as a safe state to live. 

However, the head of the Mississippi Economic Council says this state ranks second best among the 12 blueprint states when it comes violent crimes. 

The Wallethub study focused on a number of factors ranking Mississippi in last place as a good place to live. This attention comes at a bad time, when family's are relocating all over the US. 

The CEO of Mississippi's Economic Council, Blake Wilson says Wallethub has chosen a set of statistics that favors more populated centers.

"These folks are certainly a legitimate research organization there is nothing wrong what wallethub.com has done. But they have chose a set of subsets that in general favors northern states. Favors more populated centers."

He suggested a more regional view of crime stat's. 

"We rank 2nd among the 12 blueprint states in violent crime," says Wilson. "If you look at this you can see that Mississippi is number two and Kentucky is number 1. That's, by the way, good. A low number is a good number." 

Wilson suggests this is just one snapshot and anyone looking to relocate here in Mississippi should look at multiple rankings for more information.

"They are piling it all together they are using a ranking. They are using a legitimate methodology to come up with that rank, but it's based on what they have chosen to measure."

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