Clogged drains cause more flooding - - Jackson, MS

Clogged drains cause more flooding

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - City of Jackson Public works crews were busy this weekend responding to flash flooding that caused damaged to several south Jackson homes.

Before the storms moved in crews checked and cleared storm drains in areas that regularly experience flooding.

"Water was coming through my front door and under my garage," said Mary Thompson whose home was filled with brown water Monday.

Saturday's rains caused extensive flooding at Mary Thompson's Suncrest Drive home.

Flood waters and waters from the sewer system invaded her house.

A drain at the intersection of Suncrest and Longwood Drives is one of a number of clogged outlets that contributed to the flooding.

"We can't go out there and check those drains like that, so we have no idea this was going on. My neighbor called them once or twice asking them to come out and check it out and unplug stuff and they have not done it as of today," said Thompson.

After the rains, other nearby drains were filled with leaves, pine needles, plastic bags and more.

They have been so overburdened that many have collapsed.

The City of Jackson also reports caved in drains that require extensive repair because the system can't handle the heavy rains and flash flooding.

Many pipes and drainage channels are too small to handle the storm water.

Officials are hoping you will do your part to clean the drains on and around your property of leaves, trash, toys and other debris before the next rain.

Meanwhile Thompson, who does not have flood insurance, is working with the city for replacement and repairs, trying to salvage what she can and find another place to live.

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