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Consider This: Festivals in Mississippi

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Starting in early spring and continuing through summer and fall you can pretty much guarantee that there is a festival happening somewhere in Mississippi. Mississippians like to gather together to enjoy the outdoors – even in the heat of summer - and festivals have a way of bringing a community together. From the Tupelo Elvis Festival to the Biloxi Shrimp Festival and nearly every town in-between at some point each community has its own celebration.

In my hometown of Tylertown and Walthall County it's the Dairy Festival. Branded as the Cream Pitcher of Mississippi due to the economic importance of dairy farming the name seems to fit. Celebrating its 38th anniversary this weekend it's known for political stump speeches and its signature event, the International Turtle Race. It might sound slow and boring but some of those little fellas can move pretty fast and last year they had more than 200 entries.

Consider This:

Maybe turtle races are just what the world needs. In today's fast moving, get it to me now, disposable life we live in it's nice to slow down, enjoy the weather, disconnect from Facebook and reconnect face-to-face. So support and celebrate the festivals across Mississippi. I bet we'll all realize giving up the hectic pace for a day or two is ultimately very good for the soul.

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