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Dickie Scruggs gives back to the community

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dickie Scruggs was once one of the richest, most powerful trial attorneys in the country; amassing notable legal triumphs. That is, until his fall from grace.

Scruggs was involved in an attempt to bribe a circuit court judge with $40 thousand. He pleaded guilty in federal court. 

In a separate indictment, he was accused of attempting to improperly influence a Hinds County circuit judge in 2009. He was stripped of his law license and sent to prison for several years. 

That's where he learned about the high level of adult illiteracy in this state.

He said he felt it was his mission to try and turn things around. And now he's giving back.

"Obviously it was a great fall from grace and it was a long time before I could gain my bearings again," Scruggs says. "And they teaching GED in prison was one of the things that helped me put it behind me."

Scruggs told the Lions Club that he received a great deal of self satisfaction teaching and giving back to the community and now he intends to raise more awareness about adult education programs and also help raise funds for education.

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