Coming up this morning on WLBT: - - Jackson, MS

Coming up this morning on WLBT:

Good Thursday to you!

One of the suspects in the case of a Vicksburg man who was severely beaten to death will face a judge. We'll have the latest on this at 5 sharp!

You have to be pretty low down to steal from a charity, but unfortunately it happened. Worse yet, it all went down on church property! How you can help Rankin County authorities catch some thieves!

Not so friendly skies! If you were trying to cash in on Southwest's super saver flights, you could be out of luck. Even though they flew South from Jackson, many folks still catch them out of neighboring cities like NOLA. We'll tell you what you need to do before midnight tonight!

We've got these stories and more...and oh yea, if you want sunny and dry in your forecast, you'll definitely want to tune in! Won't be near the tube? Click here

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