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Hinds sheriff candidate weighs in on DOJ report

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The scathing report on Hinds County jails has drawn the attention of Sheriff candidate Victor Mason.

Mason, a former Hinds County deputy and Jackson police officer, says if elected sheriff, he will assess problems with the jails, appeal to Hinds County supervisors for more money and use the DOJ report as a guide.

He also said he would bring integrity to the facilities by re-hiring former employees.

Victor Mason said, "I personally will work with other agencies.  Federal agencies, state agencies, local agencies.  I still have all my contacts because that's where my experience comes from. I can combine all these agencies, and we will work this problem out. And I will use this tool... as my premiere guide to help straighten this problem out in the jail."

Mason hopes to unseat incumbent Sheriff Tyrone Lewis. Four other candidates, Les Tannehhill, Reginald Thompson, Anthony Thomas and Charlotte Stewart Oswalt, are running for Hinds County Sheriff.

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