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Consider This: Graduation Respect

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High School graduation is a special moment for students, parents and family. Many schools encourage the people attending to hold applause and cheers and remain seated until the end of the event so that the names of all graduates can be heard as they cross the stage. That's what Senatobia school leaders requested at their graduation ceremony but some people ignored that request. School leaders say they made several attempts to warn parents. They even posted a warning in the graduation program saying people who staged outbursts would be asked to leave. So when some people didn't follow the rules that's when the Police were called and four people were charged with disturbing the peace. The Superintendent says he hopes it sends a message that everybody deserves a right to hear their child's name being called. However, many people say they went too far pressing charges.

Consider This:

You can debate whether filing charges is justified, but if that is what it takes to enforce the rules, so be it. It seems that basic respect is fading from the fabric of America. I know if my child was getting ready to receive her diploma and I couldn't hear her name because someone was screaming for their kid… that would upset me. Maybe the families who have kids in the Class of 2016 will get the message and show some respect next year for all of the graduates. If they do, then making an example this year will have served its purpose.

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