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Trim your waistline with yard work

The chores are endless in the yard. Hauling, hoeing, mowing, planting, digging and maintenance only begin to cover it all.

"Any of our hobbies that we enjoy, that we're passionate about, that we love, you know, that's how we relieve stress," says Cleveland Clinic physician Dr. Robert Jones.

That's just one of the many benefits of gardening and yard work. June 6 is National Gardening Exercise Day and Dr. Jones says it's an excellent day to maximize your exercise potential while you are doing outside chores. 

"If I'm going to garden for exercise, I am going to take four trips from my garage out to the garden. I'm going to take the bucket. I'm going to go back and get the weeder. I'm going to go back and get the shovel," he says.

"I might get 1,000 extra steps on my pedometer, just by doing that." 

Studies show that gardening and yard work also burn significant calories. It varies from person to person but according to, the calories shed add up quickly.

-Heavy yard work burns 400 to 600 calories an hour.

-Raking can help shed about 450 calories an hour. 

-Sprucing up by pulling weeds and planting will take off 200 to 400 calories.

-Push mowing burns between 250 and 350 calories an hour.

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