Questions arise over legality of synthetic urine - - Jackson, MS

Questions arise over legality of synthetic urine

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A protest over the weekend at one Jackson convenience store has one store owner drawing criticism for what he's selling behind the counter.

The most unusual thing on those shelves: synthetic urine, which started popping up in convenience stores and other locations in the metro.

"When this synthetic urine is marketed, it's marketed with the idea that you can mislead a drug test, and pass when you shouldn't pass," said family physician Dr. Timothy Quinn. 

Many in drug enforcement and the Mississippi Legislature haven't even heard of synthetic urine.

While it's banned in some states, it's completely legal here.

Quinn wants that to change.

"We're talking about the safety of the community," added Quinn. "Say someone is driving an 18-wheeler, and they're on drugs, and they pass this drug test with this synthetic urine, and they have an accident. People can be killed." 

The store in question, a Fast Lane gas station on East Northside Drive, also sells bongs, pipes, grinders and other devices, which some say could be used with illegal drugs.

Many of the protesters claimed those items were illegal in Mississippi. Three On Your Side looked into the matter and found they're not.

"Those items are legal, and they can sell them legally," said Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith. "But if used for an illegal purpose, of course, we're talking about something totally different." 

Items like bongs and pipes with drug residue are considered drug paraphernalia, which can carry additional charges to the person in possession.

With regard to synthetic urine, it would take action from the Mississippi Legislature to ban the substance in the Magnolia State.

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