Customer billed whopping $65,000 for water usage twice - - Jackson, MS

Customer billed whopping $65,000 for water usage twice

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For several months now opening a water bill in the Capital City has been a jaw dropping experience for many residents. We've heard about astronomical charges, but one Jackson woman opened her bill to find a five figure statement not once but twice.

"Who's gonna pay this bill," asked Lyndon B. Johnson Drive resident Vivian Carter.

Carter opened her water bill to find a whopping $65,338.00 residential charge. It was her May 28 statement from the City of Jackson.

"They've got all these breakages in south Jackson. I know dang gone well the mayor ain't trying to get me to pay for south Jackson's water," said Carter.

It's not the 49 year old's first outrageous charge. While her average bill is around $120.00, in the past few months her bill has risen from $900.00 to $65,192 and now this. She was so outdone she posted the bill on her Facebook page.

"The $900.00 bill now I was upset about that bill, but this bill here was so funny I couldn't get upset because there was no way in the world I'm paying for everybody in Jackson," said the 14 year Presidential Hills resident.

After contacting the city she said she was on hold so long her cell phone died. When finally reaching someone she was told it was an obvious mistake and to pay her normal bill, and it would be corrected. There are no water line breaks, and the disabled Jackson resident blames the new water meter system.

We contacted the city about this tsunami of a statement. Constituent services director Beatrice Slaughter said it was due to a March computer billing error and not the newly installed meter.

According to Slaughter, it has been cleared and the correct amount will appear on her next bill. But Carter remains skeptical about the new system.

"All this digital stuff is messing up a lot of mess," added Carter. "They need to just take this mess up. They say if it's not broken don't fix it. We didn't have no problems with the old meters." 

She says by now all the kinks should be out of the system and she'll keep us posted about the correction. Meanwhile, the city officials say the $65,000 bill was strictly a computer error.

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