Civil Disturbance Training activated at JPD - - Jackson, MS

Civil Disturbance Training activated at JPD

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Training for a riot, Jackson Police geared up to be ready for any civil disturbance in the capital city.

"Chest protector; It helps you if someone comes up and punches you in the chest or jabs or stabs at you, said Sgt. Malcolm Macon. "This is your helmet protector along with your visor. This visor protects your face from thrown objects that may come towards you."

Armored, in all black, officers trained for chaotic riots. Chief Lee Vance is renewing JPD's Civil Disturbance Team following intense riot outbreaks across our nation.

"It's what triggered the need to renew it," said Chief Vance. "We had one about ten years ago and it sort of faded away. I believe that it's the proper thing for us to do in order to be an established, prepared, professional police department." 

Chief Vance said the purpose is not to be intimidating, but to be primed to respond to a civil disturbance. The Mississippi Highway Patrol's Special Operations group has teamed up with JPD to extend their knowledge and experience.

"Prison uprisings, manhunts, grid searches; they specialize in those types of tactics and techniques," said Department of Public Safety Spokesman Warren Strain. "We are hopeful that we can offer that assistance to the Jackson Police Department in their efforts to get prepared for whatever the future may hold."

 "We believe by having trained officers, it's going to keep people safe," added Chief Vance. "We will be prepared to respond if we have a disturbance."

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