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'Like a tornado, girl': Crash eyewitness becomes internet darling

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
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Source: @kingdance_ (Instagram) Source: @kingdance_ (Instagram)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A police officer is recovering after his patrol car was hit Monday. Eyewitness Courtney Barnes told the world all about it.

"It was a full twistabout," Barnes said. "And the police just twist around like a tornado, girl! And the Lord just shook it up, and the man just got injured."

Barnes' excited account of the accident went viral Wednesday almost as soon as it was published to the WLBT 3 Facebook page. The green hair, painted-on eyebrows and false eyelashes may have something to do with it, too.

By Thursday morning, it had been viewed nearly 7 million times and shared by more than 279,000 people (including Nicki Minaj).

Whatever the "It" quality is that captivates people, Barnes has a lot of it.

According to him, he was on his way to get "a piece of… um, burger from Burger King" when the crash happened.

"What I had seen was a horrible, tragic situation," he said. "The guy was coming down, and I guess the police were trying to do a stop-point. The man said, 'No, not today!' And they began to race behind each other like cats and dogs.

"The police officer got behind the man and started going so fast that his car spinned out of control. Girl, he hit the pole. His head went to one side and his body went to the other side, and this is the result. Lord, be with his young man; he needs a blessing!"

The Washington Post called it the interview of the year. Dozens of websites and blogs picked up the story, including ones based out of Great Britain and Australia.

Barnes also posted his own videos recounting the events of the crash on his Instagram page. He now has nearly 24,000 followers.

He also used his newfound fame to reach out to Minaj, who Instagrammed the video on her page. The singer replied back to Barnes, telling him his eyebrows were "on fleek."

Barnes also showed on Instagram that he finally got a piece of burger from Burger King.

The internet star had a couple of other moments in the spotlight prior to this, appearing on the show So You Think You Can Dance multiple times. He earned a ticket to the finals in Las Vegas in 2015.

"From the bus station all the way to the funeral home, they recognize me," said Barnes on a return appearance to SYTYCD.

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