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Pic of Courtney Barnes in JPD squad car raises eyebrows

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Is this picture inappropriate? It's a snapshot of "Piece of Burger" viral video sensation Courtney Barnes in the back of a JPD squad car, behind the Plexiglas. An officer's shoulder can be seen, and our viewers believe the officer took the picture. 

We asked some of you what you think. 

"I don't think they should do that. It's unprofessional," said Tommy Barnes of Vicksburg. 

"It ain't right for them to take a picture of the man and do something like that. They wouldn't want us to take a picture of them," added Terrance Knight of Jackson.

"Really? JPD taking selfies with Courtney Barnes?" said one of our Facebook viewers.

"The police (officer) is making a joke out of this instead of doing his job," said another. "The officer who took this selfie should be held responsible and get some kind of punishment for his actions." 

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance feels differently. 

"If that's what they want to do, I can't think of it being a violation, said Vance. "I think it's in bad taste. I think this whole thing is in bad taste." 

We asked Chief Vance if there would be any discipline. 

"If this individual objected to his picture being taken and wanted to lodge a complaint, obviously we would investigate it," said Vance. "If it violated any policy we would take action on it." 

Barnes appears well-aware that his photo is being taken. 

Barnes was arrested in both Jackson and Ridgeland on Thursday for misdemeanor violations including theft and unpaid fines. 

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