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Making A Difference: Cowboy's House

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MORTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The walls went up on a house for Cowboy last weekend in Morton. The project started off as a prayer request and will end up as a home for one of Morton's favorite citizens.

"That's the kitchen. This is my bedroom. And that's my bathroom," said Cowboy.

Hopes and wishes and prayers started taking shape last weekend in Morton as volunteers started framing up Cowboy's house. It started out as a prayer request in a Bible study group at Life Spring Church. But the project quickly grew past the church walls to the whole community of Morton. 

"People wanted to do this mainly because everybody knows Cowboy and everybody loves Cowboy and he helps out with kids in our community and everybody wanted to kind of give back to him in that," said Pastor Scott Mangum of the Life Spring Church.

"I used to live in a trailer that was all raggly and everything else," said "Cowboy" Charles Wilson.

"This all came about as a prayer really," said Pastor Mangum. "In a Bible study group that our church was having and we started off praying about him having a better living situation so we just started praying about a house."

Those prayers turned into a Face Book Page for Cowboy's House and fund drives and fund raisers and donations and the whole community caught on.

"It went from being a church thing to being a community thing," added Pastor Mangum. "It was thirty-dollar checks from Pascagoula. Thirty-dollar checks from Texas, from Huntsville, from people all over this community."

"See, if you ask God for something, you got to put faith to believe what he gonna do," said Cowboy.

And you better believe He may put you to work answering your own prayers, too. That's what's happened as prayers have become carpenters and fundraisers for Cowboy. And the upshot of all of this?

"It's going to make a whole lot of difference in my life," said Cowboy.

And if what we do can actually Make A positive Difference in someone else's life, then you've put in a good days work.

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