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Ride To Work Day

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is celebrating Ride To Work Day June 15. Approximately 60,000 gallons of fuel are saved each year when commuters throughout the nation choose to use their motorcycles during Ride To Work Day according to MDOT. 

Mississippians are encouraged to participate in this event June 15 by riding a motorcycle or bicycle to work. Drivers can also participate by safely sharing the road with cyclists.

This event is recognized each year on the third Monday in June and gives motorcyclists the opportunity to showcase the fuel-efficient benefits of choosing motorcycles over cars, trucks or SUVs. 

Approximately one million riders are estimated to participate in this demonstration, nationwide, to promote motorcycle riding as a fun and practical form of transportation. 

Combined efforts of MDOT and the Mississippi legislature have helped Mississippi be named a Bicycle Friendly State, which makes commuting with a bicycle a safe and easy process for those within cycling distance of their school or workplace.

Not only is Ride to Work Day a great way to promote health and the environment, but MDOT also wants to use this day to remind automobile drivers to be aware of motorcyclists and bicyclists. 

Here are a few things drivers and cyclists can do to stay safe when interacting on the road:

  • Obey all traffic laws: bicycles are subject to the same traffic laws as vehicles and motorcycles
  • Be predictable: don't weave and be aware of surrounding traffic
  • Be prepared to brake
  • Vehicles should maintain a 3-foot distance from cyclists
  • Keep your vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle in good repair

As Ride to Work Day approaches, MDOT hopes that everyone will consider taking part in this nationwide event. For more information about Ride to Work Day or MDOT's Bicycle & Pedestrian program visit this website.

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