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Detention officers lives reportedly jeopardized

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

WLBT is being told that the lives of a number of Hinds County Detention officers were jeopardized during a Detention Center Uprising in Raymond Thursday night. This new information contradicts accounts of the incident by the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

In a news release, Hinds County Sheriff's Office spokesman, Othor Cain stated the initial findings of an investigation show that several detention officers caused the altercation by purposely breaching policy and procedures. Two detention officers were injured as a result.

However, three sources tell WLBT that juvenile inmates in Pod A incited the uprising Thursday night. Two of those sources agreed to talk to us if we conceal their identities.

"They tore up control panels, switch boards, cameras, they set stuff on fire," said one source.

We are told the chaos created by about 80 inmates in Pod A was contained to Pod A. But Detention officers were also trapped amid the violence. 

"There was three of them in there," the source told us. "One of them was stabbed in the neck. And the two females went into the ceiling."

"We knew he (the officer) was hurt and it still took an hour and a half to make a move on him," another source told WLBT.

The second officer who was injured, was removed promptly when the incident began and was not trapped in the pod. But it was still a long night. 

What reportedly started at approximately at 9:17 PM Thursday, did not end until 3:30 AM. 

"It was a good 30, 45 minutes before back up arrived then a good 30, 45 minutes before they acted," the source said.

The sheriff's department tells us the two officers attacked with shanks are now recovering at their homes.

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