Black bear seen roaming in Hinds County - - Jackson, MS

Black bear seen roaming in Hinds County

Black Bear; Source, Hinds County Sheriff's Office Black Bear; Source, Hinds County Sheriff's Office
Animal control and the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries & Parks are trying to locate a black bear, spotted in the Hinds County area.

We did some digging and confirmed the bear was found in the front yard of Estelle Sherer's home. 

"A lady called and said you don't know me but I'm at your gate and there's a bear in your front yard, I said really? I said is it a large bear of baby bear, she said idk it's pretty big," Sherer explained.

There have been reports of sightings from Clinton to Highway 18.

Lieutenant Randy Newell with Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries & Parks says the bear is most likely a young male, and can cover a lot of territory very quickly. However, he says for the most part the bear is harmless.

"The main thing we are trying to do now is keep the public panic down. The worst threat a black bear is is to your garbage can. We tell people if you've seen the animal close by your vicinity just make sure your garbage is in sealed containers," Lt. Newell said. 

Lieutenant Newell said the bear is common and not dangerous.

Reporter, Annette Peagler went to Clinton to ask residents what they thought about the discovery. 

"Shocking because you normally don't hear about that especially around Jackson and the Clinton are so I hope they capture it because I don't want to come in contact with it," Deja Moore of Clinton said.

"Who wants a big bear, running lose that might any chance eat us up, that's a scary thing," said Wanda Miller of Clinton. 

If you see the bear, wildlife officials ask that you keep your distance.  Do not try to approach, capture, or hunt the animal. Instead, please call authorities at (769) 257-1899.To learn more about the Conservation and Management of Black Bears in Mississippi, including what to do if you come in contact with these animals, follow this link:

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