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Mississippi College officer saves boy's life in Florida

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Clinton couple's trip to Florida turned into a life saving episode for a 6 year old boy.

Mary Lou Dill, a patrol officer for Mississippi College, says her trip to Orlando, Florida was almost canceled, but she says it was fate from God that it wasn't.

"If anyone didn't believe in God or doubted God or fate that day, they should have been with me in those few days," Dill explained.

At one of the West Gate Resort pools, Dill says she heard screams and then saw a woman running with a lifeless six year old boy, Luke Riley. She says Riley was foaming from the mouth.

Dill, a mother of three, and CPR certified, went to work, trying tirelessly to save the little boy.

"When I did the compressions and I got on the third set, like I said, we noticed water coming out of his nose and came up out of his lungs and all thinking is come on buddy, come on buddy you're going to make it, you're going to make it," Dill explained.

Dill's husband, Christopher Dill, a Clinton Police Lt., rushed to her side to assist her.

Dill said she had just received her CPR certification 8 months prior.

Emergency crews rushed on scene within ten minutes and took Riley to the hospital. Less than 48 hours later, Dill and Riley were reunited at the resort. She says the entire situation made her realize just how precious life is.

"My dad is battling cancer, like they say I saved a little boys life that day," said Dill. "But I mean he actually gave me the strength and I feel so blessed that now I have enough strength for my visit back home to see my dad." 

Riley is a triplet and is doing well, Dill said. 

She's thankful and says it was God's plan to decide not to cancel her planned vacation with her husband. She also is keeping close contact with Riley's family. 

"He's calling me his angel. I'm calling him my hero, so yes I guess I can say I'm his guardian angel.," Dill explained.

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