This Morning on WLBT: Where is she? - - Jackson, MS

This Morning on WLBT: Where is she?

Good morning!

The search continues for a Jackson mother who never picked up her son from a daycare center in Madison earlier this week. Her Lincoln was found abandoned in Flowood. At 6:00 this morning, Jewell Hillery will have a live report on the search for Jessica Hewitt.

There was a touching tribute to a little boy who was killed in a freak accident at a baseball tournament. We'll show you what his friends, family and complete strangers did to honor him in his home town of Byhalia, coming up at about 6:03.

Did you see Jeb Bush on the Tonight Show? The presidential campaign is well underway. We'll have the latest on the run fro the White House at about 6:35.

Join Joy Redmond (she's back!), Meteorologist Julia Weiden and me on WLBT from 5-7 this morning and on Fox 40 from 7-9.

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