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Restaurant proposed for residential area on Spillway

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Should a seafood restaurant go up on a four-acre plot of land on East Spillway Road, which is currently deemed residential? Waterwood homeowner David McNair says no.

"The neighbors are very united against this, 100%," he said. "We don't need whiskey on resort status here, in a very nice residential area. They should be up with the other commercial." 

McNair opposes businessman Niles Bryant's proposal to build a restaurant, parking lot, and playground on an area close to Pelahatchie Bay. Other neighbors have sent emails to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, concerned about traffic congestion and diminished property values. 

But John Sigman, General Manager of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, says the District makes its money through land leases, and could make $20-$30,000 yearly off this land.  

"That's what we use to maintain the lake, get the weeds out of the lake, keep the dam up and going, and maintain these trails," Sigman told us. 

Sigman says the four acres are elevated, dispelling the myth that it's wetlands. And there's already 35 driveways for residential and commercial stemming off the walking trail. One more shouldn't be a problem, he said.  

Sigman says nothing has been decided. The lease of the land would be put out for bid before a decision on what would be developed there. 

He's asking for open minds, but neighbors have their minds made up. 

"We're definitely gonna see it does not happen," McNair says.

Sigman says the Board may decide, at their next meeting in July, whether to put the land out for bid. 

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