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Mississippians recognize ADA with Disability Mega Conference

Vicki Killingsworth and her service dog, Bella, don't mean to, but they are kind of stealing the show at the Mississippi Disabilities Mega Conference. And it's a lot more than the husky's baby blues.

"You have a decision to make," Killingsworth said about being paralyzed for 32 years. "You go forward or you just give up. So, I just went forward."

Paralyzed during a car accident, Killingsworth has grown to be an inspiration for her advocacy of disability rights. She works at ARC of Mississippi helping people with different disabilities gain independence.

"There's not a week that goes by that I don't meet somebody that doesn't have a clue what available, what their rights are or who or where they need to go."

The way Killingsworth lives her life is a shining example to those around her and at this conference. "I was just raised to do the best with what you have," Killingsworth said. "My philosophy all my life has been no matter where find yourself, there will always be somebody better off and there will always be somebody worse off."

Killingsworth is as productive, if not more than any able bodied person, with some help of course from her service dog, Bella.

"Just the mention of the fact that I needed my phone one morning prompted Bella to go get it and I didn't even ask her to."

Killingsworth is handling the little things in life with ease and helping others with disabilities conquer the harder challenges.

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