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This Morning on WLBT: Charleston victims remembered

Good morning.

While the suspected shooter in the Charleston church massacre is in jail awaiting his first court appearance, the families of the nine victims are mourning their loss. Across South Carolina and the rest of the country, people are coming together to show their support. We'll have multiple reports this morning, beginning at 5:00.

The search for Dan Jones' replacement as chancellor of Ole Miss has taken a significant step forward. We'll tell you what's next at about 6:05.

And now that we know Lester Holt will be replacing Brian Williams as anchor of NBC Nightly News, we finally get to hear from Williams himself about the events that led to his suspension. We'll have details on his interview at about 6:06.

Joy Redmond and I will have the news, and Meteorologist Julia Weiden will have the First Alert Forecast for the weekend when you join us from 5-7 on WLBT and from 7-9 on Fox 40!

If you won't be near a television, you can watch our latest newscast any time by clicking on this link.

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