Pastors have a call to action on Sunday - - Jackson, MS

Pastors have a call to action on Sunday

Pastor Clyde Tate is leading a group of pastors and deacons hoping to bring everyone in Jackson together, if just for a minute, joining hands for The Lord's Prayer. The group is calling for all congregations to form a circle around their churches at 11 a.m. on Sunday. 

"I would like for us to use our churches, and use our church as a representation of the City of Jackson," he says.

It's a first step in what he hopes are many, to tackle isolation, loneliness, intolerance, and other issues which likely played a role in the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina Wednesday night. 

Dylann Roof is thought to be the gunman in the shooting death of nine people who were wrapping up a prayer meeting. The killings appear to be racially motivated. 

"I want to reach across denominations, I want to reach across racial lines," said Tate.

Will the mass prayer make a difference? 

"If we would be proactive, I think a whole lot that's going on wouldn't go on," said Pastor T. L. Blount of Jackson's Greater Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church.

"It's not about individuality, it's about working together," adds Pastor Alvin Day of True Love MBC in Natchez. 

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