Balloons released in memory of Charleston victims - - Jackson, MS

Balloons released in memory of Charleston victims

FLORENCE, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Dozens turned out Sunday evening to remember the victims in Wednesday night's Charleston, South Carolina shooting, and they did so right underneath the large cross off Highway 49.

A pastor read each victim's name and told the crowd about that person's history.

At the same time, balloons with wooden crosses bearing the names of the victims were released into the air.

So many have come together since this tragedy,but one recently retired pastor said the state and the nation still have a long way to go.

"I think we have, we still have a problem in this area, and the area I'm thinking of is being open and talking about things," Crystal Springs Rev. Ira Jefferson said. "I'm convinced there's still an elephant in the room, if you know that illustration, and I think, until we deal with that elephant in the room, there's not gonna be much success at getting together."

Jefferson said if people would go by the teachings in the Bible, they could start to get rid of that elephant in the room and bring people of all cultures and races together.

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