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CONSIDER THIS: Get ready to vote

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Political advertising has begun and will become more active as we head towards the election in August. Although we might not see as much activity as we did with last year's US Senate contest, it will still be active with so many races on this year's ballot.

The primary in August kicks off the election cycle that will continue for nearly 18 months as we select local, state and federal representatives. The Presidential campaign will really crank up as we get closer to January.

Consider This:

With all of the political messaging, much of it negative, it is easy become fatigued and apathetic about the process. However, your vote is too important to neglect that responsibility. And although it has become somewhat of a cliché… your vote does matter.

Take the time over the coming weeks and months to learn more about all of the candidates and what they represent. Instead of voting for a person because of their party affiliation, do your research and consider casting your ballot for the person who is best qualified to fill the seat and represent you. 

Merely voting for a certain party is a big part of the reason our country is in such a mess.

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