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Mississippians consider alternate state flag designs

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Recent events in South Carolina have prompted debate in Mississippi over the state flag and the message it sends. Many are calling for a change while others say nothing is wrong with the symbol of their heritage.

Dr. Scott Crawford is creating a dialogue on Facebook with his posts of a different Mississippi flag. He wants the official state flag to change.

The disabilities advocate posted an image of a magnolia encircled by stars, created by graphic designer Rocky Vaughn on his Facebook page and has received dozens of comments in support of a new state flag.

There are also other flag options posted generating conversation.

"The confederate battle flag represents hate,subjugation and oppression and it does not belong in public spaces," said Crawford. "I mean it's a part of our history but it's a shameful part of our history." 

Kristie Jones, who studied political science, joined the Facebook discussions. She said the state should move beyond the images associated with the current flag.

"I certainly support the Mississippi State Legislature developing a new flag for our state," said Jones. "There are lots of negative connotations associated with the confederacy. When you look at it, particularly slavery, white supremacy, it's no different than looking at the Nazi flag." 
Others weighed in with their choices.

"I think it should change, said Trey Vann of Jackson. "I think it's offensive to some people, and I think it's time to change." 

"I think it should stay the same," said Jackson resident Justin Stevens. "It's been that way for years, why change something?" 

"We're trying to show the country that we have changed the outlook that Mississippi has," said Lee Ann Moore of Jackson. "It's often been related to racism, and we just want to change that perspective." 

"It doesn't make a difference what they do, to me it's just a flag, said Brandon resident Robert Stamper."

Mississippi is the only state with the confederate battle emblem as a part of its flag.

The decision to keep this state flag was made by two thirds of voters in 2001.

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