Family friend says the Faries were "good people" - - Jackson, MS

Family friend says the Faries were "good people"

Zachary Stanford.....Source: RCSD Zachary Stanford.....Source: RCSD
Robert & Peggy Faries.....Source: Facebook Robert & Peggy Faries.....Source: Facebook
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Dan Windham, the man who first discovered Robert Faries and his wife Peggy dead inside their Rankin County home said he knew something was wrong when he noticed a newspaper in Mr. Faries driveway the morning he found the couple.

He says Mr. Faries always read the paper, so it immediately posed a red flag.

"Well I just knew something was wrong, I knew something was wrong,” Windham explained.

He says it was his natural instinct to go check on Mr. Faries and his wife, but the images he saw Monday morning still haunt him.

"Went to the front door, knocked. Then come back to the back door and looked in and I saw her, ms. Faries. laying on the kitchen floor," said Windham.

He immediately called 911 and the Faries' son. He says he couldn't imagine who would want to do this to this cheerful couple.

"They would have been the first people to bring a covered dish, to say a prayer, or give an encouraging word, just the kind of people they were," Windham explained.

Windham says he's known the couple for about 6 years. He remembers the days Mr. Faries owned his printing company.

He says despite their age, they were very active and always encouraging.

"Their positive, cheerful spirit. They were always trying to encourage people," he explained. "Me, for instance, I just went through some health issues and stuff and they just prayed me through it."

He says their deaths will certainly leave a void in the community.

"They were the kind of folks that we all need to strive to be more like," said Windham.

The Rankin County Sheriff's Department has charged Zachary Sanford with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of his grandparents. Investigators have not released a motive.

Sanford is due in court Thursday morning.

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