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Water snake makes its way into South Jackson home

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - One South Jackson homeowner came home to quite a surprise lounging in his living room. A nearly 3 foot water snake managed to get inside of his home on Wood Glen.

The homeowner immediately killed it, but says it definitely frightened him.

Snake experts say this time of the year, snakes are prone to come inside because they don't want to become overheated.

"The best thing to do with a snake is to leave it alone, take two steps back, turn around and walk away," said Corey Wright, a conservation educator with the Natural Science Museum. "If a snake is in your house, try to throw a garbage can or a bucket over it or something, don't try to pick it up. Most snake bites occur on the hand and on the foot." said Corey Wright, conservation educator with the Natural Museum of Science.

Wright says to also make sure your garage and house don't have any openings where snakes can creep in.

Also free your garage from clutter and make sure your yard is kept up. These are all things that could attract snakes.

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