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CONSIDER THIS: The time is now...Change the flag

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People who support the Confederate Battle Flag are passionate when debating why the flag is important and the role it played in our history. That chapter in history, however, is long gone and it is time to move forward.

Removing the flag from the statehouse grounds in South Carolina, changing the Mississippi flag or pulling the image from Walmart, Amazon and E-Bay won't end racism. But it will lead to healing and unity.

Unfortunately, there are a number of politicians hiding behind the 2001 referendum to keep the confederate flag flying high in our state. However, a lot has changed since that vote more than 14 years ago. 

Facebook with its millions of users wasn't invented until 2004. iPhones? They didn't appear until 2007. And the worst terrorist attack on US soil didn't happen until 5 months after the flag vote. Yes, the world has certainly changed since 2001.

Did you know that until 1920 women weren't allowed to vote? Did you know that there were Jim Crow laws in many places that condemned black citizens to inferior treatment, facilities and educational options? 

Thank goodness we didn't use the same lame excuse that some lawmakers are using today to keep those laws in place. That would have been pretty stupid, right?

Consider This:

If our state leaders choose not to change our flag and remove the Confederate Battle emblem, we will pay the price. It will hurt our ability to recruit business and grow economic development. It will hurt our schools, colleges and universities. It will impact tourism. It will reinforce the stereotypical opinion of Mississippi and make us look ignorant.

We need a flag that represents ALL Mississippians. We need a flag that doesn't reflect hate and racism. If you really want to honor the history of Mississippi bring back the Magnolia Flag and put the current flag in a museum where it belongs.

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