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Walt's Look Around: 'Fowl' language in Carthage

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CARTHAGE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Do you like auctions? I like them. Sometimes I bid on things, lots of times I end up just watching. It's good clean entertainment.

I ran across an auction last weekend in Carthage that, while it is also good clean fun, is laced with what you could call ‘fowl' language.

Fowl language, like chickens and guineas, and geese and stuff like that. It's a chicken auction.

“Chickens, turkeys, guineas, geese, ducks, rabbits, sell a few goats here and there," said Eddie Crawford, who started this auction four years ago as an experiment. “One of my hobbies is back yard chickens. And I'm an auctioneer. I had heard about some of them in Tennessee. And I decided I was going to have at least one if it cost me money.”

Well, after sustaining itself for four years now, every 3rd Saturday of the month, it seems like the auction has become a great success.

Seems like most of the people are hobby chicken farmers, back yard stuff, some more serious than others. And when their flocks increase, the excess winds up here in search of another back yard.

James Quick goes for the unusual type chicken. 

“I got some that looks different and I got some that lays green eggs, brown eggs, and speckled eggs,” said Quick.

And even if you come and don't buy a thing it's not like it's a wasted day.

At least Marvin Pinter from Brandon doesn't think so.

“It's a good clean place to come if you want to bring your family and good food and good fellowship,” said Pinter.

It's sort of like going to church without the praying.

“We might even get a prayer going,” added Pinter.

It's a family deal for Bill Kitchens. Only it's his family that brings him.

“I'm up here with my daughter," said Kitchens. "She's got rabbits and turkeys and chickens and this is something she looks forward to every month.”

“I got some for sale today. I have rabbits and some chickens,” said Bill's daughter.

And she'll probably reinvest her earnings into some other animals before she leaves today.

Some of these folks had chickens at their houses when they were young and want to have them again as a reminder. To others it's a pastime, more serious to some than others.

But to all, it's good clean entertainment in Carthage every 3rd Saturday, fowl language and all.

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