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Same sex couples react to court's decision

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Celebrations over the supreme court ruling were happening at the Mississippi Museum of Art for the Mississippi Pride Weekend kicked off Friday night.

Knol Aust said, "I got chill bumps. It was surreal to see it in writing."

Tiffany Brosh said, "We cried, we jumped and then we got in the car. We had to listen to it a couple of times to make sure we were hearing it right."

Waisting no time, the same sex couples rushed to the Hinds County Courthouse.

Knol Aust said, "We said let's go down to the clerks office and fill out our application to get our license."

After 17 years in hopes of saying, I do, Knol Aust and his partner Duane Smith were the first in the clerks office applying for a marriage license. Soon after, the small room was packed.

Knol Aust said, "It's been surreal. There have been straight couples in here too applying for license and they've been excited. That warms my heart to get a hug from a perfect stranger saying they are so excited."

Duane Smith said, "I don't even know what to think right now until I can get home and just take it all in."

As love win signs cover the courthouse it extends to a bigger picture for the weekend as the Mississippi Pride celebrations started Friday night.

Aust added, "So, for us this is more reason to celebrate pride. We have this momentous win, it's a historic win for the LGBT community. So, what better way to celebrate it than a big party. So, we are excited to have pride and legalize marriage in Mississippi."

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